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An important part of the curriculum is focused on guided tours, fieldtrips and cultural excursions. One to two full days every week will be devoted to such excursions; the preliminary schedule (subject to change) includes:

  • a fieldtrip to Paestum, Pompeii, and the Vesuvio area;
  • a fieldtrip to a Northern Italian city (usually it is Milan, Padua or Venice)

Full-day excursions to:

  • Tarquinia and Cerveteri (two of the most important Etruscan towns, Tarquinia being especially famous for the painted tombs) - UNESCO sites
  • Rome
  • Florence
  • Tivoli (where we will visit Hadrian's Villa, the astonishing architectural project of the Emperor Hadrian, and Villa d'Este)
  • Perugia and Todi (two of the most beautiful Umbrian hill towns, with Etruscan, Roman, Medieval remains)

Guided visits to:

  • Etruscan necropolis in Orvieto
  • Archaeological sites in the Orvieto area
  • Museums in Orvieto
  • "Orvieto Underground", a special guided tour to the hidden, underground section of the town

We will also have a chance to experience some of the local most important traditions, tied with food, arts and crafts, with visits to an oil mill, a wine factory, a potter.

All costs (transportation, admissions to sites/museums, food and lodging for the 2/3 day trip to the Vesuvio area and North Italy) are included in the program fee.


A photo gallery of some excursions: